Friday, July 6, 2012

Math Puzzle for Kinders and First Grade

Have you heard of the game "I Have, Who Has"?  Many teachers play this game in their rooms to review basic skills and build fluency in the use of those skills.  The game is usually played with a group of students, but today I am going to show you how to adapt this game for one player.

The game starts when someone says, "I have start.  Who has ____?"  The student who has the answer to the question replies, "I have  ____.  Who has _____?"  The game continues until the last person states, "I have finish."  Are you asking yourself, how would this work if I am practicing skills at home with my child?  Answer:  turn it into a puzzle by connecting the WHO HAS part of one card to the matching I HAVE part of another card.  When you are finished, you will have a long line of matching cards.

Parent Section:
I adapted a set of cards that I created for kindergarten and first grade teachers that review identifying the numbers 0-30.  I made the cards smaller, so they would take up less space when laid out.  I included the directions you see above in the file also.  Color ink is not required, they print out in black and white just fine.

I have not yet been blessed with parenthood, but I hope that it happens soon.  However, if I did have a lovely child at home, these are some of ways I would use this set of cards that I am leaving you with today.
  • Complete the puzzle together the first time.  Shuffle the cards and have the child complete on their own the second time.
  • Have the child complete the puzzle on his/her own.  Then have him/her talk to you about why he/she matched the cards.
How do I get a copy?  You can click HERE or on the picture below.

Teacher Section:
For my fellow teachers, I have included in the download the specific kindergarten and first grade CCSS standards that apply to this game (shown below).  This would be a great packet to put together for parents.
  • You could send each child home with their own copy.  
  • You could make a travel copy.  Print a set on card stock and laminate.  Laminate the directions on the front of a 9x12 manila envelope.  Send it home with a student to practice and have them bring it back in a few days.  Then send the packet home with another student.
You can download the packet from my Teachers Pay Teachers store or up above from Google Docs.  You can also find a copy of the school version HERE.

Would you like a blank copy of the "I Have, Who Has" game?  Hop on over to my blog and grab your copy.

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