Sunday, July 22, 2012

Olympic Math Mania: Charting the US Medals

I love the Olympics and in less than a week there will 17 days of competition . In 1988 my husband was stationed in Seoul, Korea and our family attended the Olympics everyday. My daughter who was on the Virginia State Swimming team had a friend who made the Olympic Swim team and her whole family came to Seoul . The US team did very well in swimming that year but the most wonderful sight was having all three US flags being raised and hearing our national anthem being played in a foreign country. We met so many wonderful athletes and their families. It was truly an experience of a lifetime not only for me but for our children as well. Here I am with my son and daughter in front of the Olympic Stadium.

I have put together a fun Olympic math activity that aligns with Common Core Math Standards for grades 2 and 3. (2. OA.1 and 3.NBT.2)  for you and your children to do together. Think of all the ways to access this information: media, websites, newspaper. Not only can they chart the number of medals each day by US athletes but they can find out more about their favorite sport, athlete, or London. What a wonderful way to  spend time talking with your children and work on Common Core Standards at the same time.

Just click on the chart above to download these charts.
If you click on the picture below you can find out about some other great Olympic activities for your children.

I hope you enjoy watching the Olympics with your children!!!

What is your favorite summer Olympic event?


Tessa said...

Great idea Arlene!

Arlene said...

Thanks Tessa.

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