Sunday, August 5, 2012

A-Z to get ready for Kindergarten

Hello! This is Michelle from Apples and ABC's~

I can't imagine what it is like having only a couple of weeks left with your precious little one before they become a BIG Kindergartner! :)  I can relate, because I do teach Kinder.  If I were a parent (which I am not yet...) I would want to know how I could make my child's transition into school as easy as possible.  There is so much your child will learn this first year of school, beyond the academic curriculum.  It is such a year of growth that is priceless to watch as their teacher.

 A simple way you can prepare your child for Kindergarten is by having them become familiar with the letters.  Some of you may be thinking, HELLO!  I know this!  But believe it or not, several students come into Kindergarten not knowing the difference between numbers and letters, and they will graduate knowing the basics of reading.  I made a free set of "Apple Alphabet Cards" that you can print and practice learning the letters with your student.  Click on the picture to pick up a free set of the upper and lower case letters at my TpT store.

Here are some things that you can do with the letters:
-Match the letters by upper and lower case
-Place the letters in ABC order
-Find all of the letters in their name
-You can set a couple of them on the table and ask your child to find the ___.
-Use them as flash cards

This corresponds with the Common Core Standard:
RF.K.1: Recognize and name all upper- and lower case letters

I hope this is something that you can use at home with your child (or if you are a teacher, in the classroom!)



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