Sunday, September 9, 2012

Making S'more Hero Sandwich Books to Honor Heroes on September 11th

In honor of those who lost their lives or were injured , or risked their lives to save others I wrote a K-2 Unit about Heroes. As someone who grew up 18 miles north of N.Y.C. and has a close connection to 9/11, I wanted a way to teach young children that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and that most heroes are just ordinary people. It is also aligned to the ELA Common Core Standards for K-2 in Speaking and Listening, Language, Reading and Writing. You will find a Read Aloud Book for you to read and talk about with your children and 3 mini books for your Kindergartner, 1st Grader or 2nd Grader to read to you. My favorite part is making a S'more Hero Sandwich Book in which they can either cut out pictures of heroes, or write about them.
You can check out my Hero Unit by clicking on either image above. If you would like a free Hero Word Web just click on the image below.
Whether you talk about 9/11 with your children or not reading and talking about heroes is a wonderful way for your children to practice their reading and writing skills at home.

Thanks for all you do to help your children at home.

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